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From seed to harvest: a successful track record

Our history is woven with effort and focus, reflected in the quality of our products. From field to harvest, our dedication to excellence remains unwavering. In addition to our products, we have diversified our operations, including a grain dryer and a reliable transportation service. Since our inception, we have dedicated years of passion and commitment to the international marketing of fodder, straw, cereals, manures, fertilizers and seeds. Throughout this journey, we have grown and evolved, establishing strong relationships with farmers and breeders.

Why should you trust us?

At Forrajes Cereales Lacasa, your satisfaction is the compass that guides each of our steps. We deeply understand that your trust in us is the foundation of our existence and success. For this reason, putting a smile on your face is our top priority. Every interaction, every product and every service is carefully designed to exceed your expectations. We know that when you are satisfied, we not only establish a commercial relationship, but also a lasting bond of trust.

We listen carefully to your needs and feedback, and incorporate it into every aspect of our work. The feedback you give us allows us to constantly grow and improve, ensuring that we are always in tune with your wishes and requirements.

We have the best market offer for your project

We offer a diversity of agricultural products that enhance your crops. From nutritious forages and resistant cereals to quality manures and fertilizers, our solutions are the foundation of successful harvests. In addition, our carefully selected seeds and reliable drying and transport service complete our comprehensive offer. Trust us to nurture your land and your farming dreams.


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