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With decades of dedication and passion for the land, at Forrajes Cereales Lacasa we have evolved to become a reliable partner in the field of commercialization of fodder, straw, cereals, fertilizers, fertilizers and seeds, as well as in the field of drying and transport. of cereals. Our humble beginnings date back several decades, when we were committed to bringing quality produce to local farmers. Over the years, that promise has grown with us, extending our operations far and wide across the region and internationally. We have embraced every challenge, every industry innovation, and turned every obstacle into an opportunity.

On our way, we have consolidated a trajectory that reflects excellence and deep knowledge. Our experts in the agricultural field have worked tirelessly to select and develop the most outstanding products. From feed that feeds your animals to grain that feeds your crops, our dedication to quality is non-negotiable.

In addition, we have expanded our services to meet your comprehensive needs. Our cereal dryer guarantees the preservation of the quality and freshness of your grains, while our reliable transport service ensures that your products reach their destination in optimal conditions.

Each stage of our journey has been guided by values ​​rooted in a commitment to you, the farmer. With every successful harvest you achieve, we celebrate your success as our own. Your trust drives us to continue growing and improving ourselves day after day.

Forrajes Cereales Lacasa is more than a company; we are a partner in your work. Our history is a testament to resilience, innovation and collaboration. We look forward to continuing to be a part of your journey to agricultural success and demonstrating, once again, that we are here to serve you at every step.

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